Friday night is Steak night with BIG BERTHA

Big Bertha is our signature oven that runs purely on charcoal

Big Bertha can reach up to as high a temperature of 330°, which seals the meat straight away and keeps all the goodness and juices inside the steak with no loss of flavour.

This creates a perfect cooking temperature both on top and bottom of the cooking surfaces and sears both sides of the meat quickly and evenly ensuring to seal in the juices for the most tender, juicy and delicious steak you will ever have tasted.

The steaks we sell are listed below along with the approximate weight and price.

Live Jazz Acoustic

We have live jazz acoustic playing every Friday night from 6:30pm until 9:00pm, to accompany our Big Bertha Steak Nights.

How you order your steak

  • Ask your server and you will then be taken to Big Bertha and shown the meats on sale in their full pieces
  • You choose which cut of meat you want
  • Then choose what size you want cutting
  • At this point your steak is ready for Big Bertha and you can watch your steak being cut
  • After the steak is cooked it will be allowed to rest for 5 minutes so it keeps its tenderness, your steak will then be served at your table when the rest of your tables' food is served
  • Enjoy this unique and delicious Steak
Cut of Steak Weight (Approx) Thickness Price
Sirloin 10oz 1.25" £18.95
Sirloin 12oz 1.5" £21.95
Sirloin 14oz 1.75" £24.95
Fillet 8oz 1.5" £21.95
Fillet 10oz 2" £24.95
Fillet 12oz 2.5" £27.95

Steak Cooking Guide

Rare Cool red centre
Medium Rare Cool slightly pink red centre
Medium Warm pink centre
Medium Well Warm slightly pink centre
Well Done Warm no pink centre
Very Well Done Very dark outside and warm and dry centre

Every Friday and Saturday night is a Steak Night with BIG BERTHA at the Tollemache Arms. Come and enjoy the most tender, juicy and delicious steak you will ever have tasted.



Kim Alvord

Kim Alvord performs every Friday evening at the Tollemache Arms, AlprahamEvery Friday Evening from 13th November
Seen recently on BBCs 'The Voice', Kims gift is hard to deny, the voice of a superstar and with a lovely manner that is rare in the industry, she's almost shy about her talent.

Annie Long

Annie Long performs every Sunday Afternoon at the Tollemache Arms, AlprahamEvery Sunday 3:30 to 5:50 from 8th November
Annie is an experienced and versatile Jazz vocalist. Her repertoire includes popular jazz standards, swing, latin, blues and R&B.

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